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Jeepskool in July


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Yup, I'll be there all weekend with my 13 year old. You guys need to try the new obstacle course behind the factory. The WHOLE thing, not just the first part. Just beware the big hole (as in truck swallowing big) near the end. After the fact my spotter told me I was hanging on by two lugs on each side. :eek: No video or pics, though.


Depending on how wet/dry things are I might attempt to climb Chicken Run, or the slope to the right of Mean Green. Besides that my daughter will be wheeling my truck most of the weekend. I imagine she'll spend most of a day getting us lost in Back Woods.

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There are 4 or 5 Liberties that go about every weekend, and usually stick together as a group to run the trails. Watching them I notice there's a huge difference wheeling a solid front axle vs. ifs.


JS is one place you don't need to know anybody to show up. Most any group with similarly capable vehicles will welcome anybody to run the trails with them, and nobody gets left behind.


Just went on that site, and Cameraflage (Rangerjoe/Lindaspins on jeepskool.com), House34 and Donkeykong are part of that group of 4 or 5 liberties.

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