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D44 10"x2.5" rear drums part numbers & prices.

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Seems there's a pretty big difference in prices for these.


I'll use Rock Auto as the example (87' Cherokee D44 used for application):





Centric 122.63039 Brake Drum - Centric Preferred - Premium $36.79




RAYBESTOS Part # 2515 More Info {PG Plus; Outside Diameter 12.59" / 5 Bolts / Finned}

Rear; Dana 44 Axle; 10" X 2-1/2" Brakes $71.79


RAYBESTOS Part # 2515R More Info {Professional Grade; Outside Diameter 12.59" / 5 Bolts / Finned}

Rear; Dana 44 Axle; 10" X 2-1/2" Brakes $46.79


ACDELCO Part # 18B77 More Info {#18028390}


I've also found:

Crown 52001915


Omix-ada 16701.09's at other places for ~$100 each.



My first question is what is the difference between RAYBESTOS 2515R, and 2515

(Professional Grade vs Professional Grade Plus = almost double the money?)


The website wasn't much help:



My next question would be what has anyone here used, and what were your results?



And any other part numbers to add to the list?



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My guess would be that the more expensive one has more "meat," which would allow for the drum(s) to be turned two or three times before going out-of-spec, which the cheaper one may have only enough thickness for one turning before going oversized.

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Generally speaking, the differences are usually in warranties, and countries of manufacture. China has crappy coal, which leads to crappy steel which means they will generally warp faster, and be overall pieces of crap.


'course, with the way things are going, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear that every single one of those drums are made in China, but I would try to find something that's made on this continent at least (if not this country).

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Professional Grade = gets it back on the road


Professional Grade Plus = back on the road, and no return for 2 years (months)


Ya get what ya pay for :roll:


Me, I always go for mid grade/price which seams like it balances out :dunno:

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To update an old thread,

I ended up getting the Centric ones @ rock auto, for $36 each, or so.


They seem about as heavy as the stockers, and have a nice coating on them.


I'll post back in a few years to see if they've turned into dust yet, or not. ;)




FWIW, I ordered 'Centric' brand for everything, and saved on shipping (vs ordering from multiple companies & warehouses).


Rock Auto adds to your shipping price if they have to ship from more than one location,

so ordering all one brand saved me $10-15 on shipping.

I think the whole order was ~$90

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