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timing cover replacement

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Need to replace my timing cover as the harmonic balancer ground thru it. I need to know how to replace it without dropping the oilpan, does anyone have the fsm instructions on doing this, I am unsure how to handle the oilpan to timing cover sealing. Oh by the way it is a '92 MJ with a 4.0L.

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You can get just the timing cover gasket set, that will include the cover gasket, front crank seal, and lower pan gasket "section", you just trim off a small portion of the oil pan gasket to fit the lower section in (the black gasket in the picture). The kit also comes with a spacer for setting the front crank seal.


Check this out - from http://www.rockauto.com


1992 JEEP COMANCHE 4.0L 242cid L6 MFI (S) OHV : Engine : Timing Cover Gasket Set


FEL-PRO Part # TCS45458 More Info {Timing Cover Set w/Sleeve}

Timing Set w/Sleeve & Seal; w/Sleeve 'N' Seal®; Must be used w/OS 34308R


Part Image



There's a FSM on line here some where, I'm sure some one will pop in with that info, but the step-by-step is also in the Hanes manual, if you have one of those.


I didn't look this up........ done it :D


And yes, it's easier to pull the radiator out, not necessary, but alot easier.

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I already have the balancer off, I just want to wait before removing the timing cover to make sure I don't mess up the oilpan gasket before I know where to cut the gasket. I figure maybe the gasket kit will have instructions. I can't figure out what OS 34308R is, and what is its use. I am also having trouble finding another timing cover, dealership wants $100 for a new one but it is not readily available and will take at least 2 weeks to get. Checked on ebay and there are none listed on there that match my casting #53020232. Seems like '92 was a single year model because on the parts listing it is the only year that requires OS 34308r. Also I will likely be replacing my timing gear set as well.

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Like I said, I've done a few timing chains, and didn't have to drop the oil pan on both Ford and Jeep :dunno:


Yes, I seen you WTB add, and I double checked the parts list, and the '92 was a stand alone :hmm:


The part number your looking for is........5302 0233


There is also a 4720 223 Cover Package 1992*** Which shows the cover and the oil pan gasket.



Me, I would get a '91 or '93+ cover, and check to see if it matches up with the '92, and use that.


It's odd that the gasket set is the same for 1965-2006 years, but the cover is just different for the '92 model year :dunno:


Even car-parts list from '87 up on the timing cover.......there's a few on there for $15-20 :brows:


http://www.car-part.com/cgi-bin/search. ... userPage=1


Can't help you on the part, I'm into all Renix parts :yes:


Course........I could sent you a '88 to see if it's close :idea:

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I just did my timming chain and did not have to remove the oil pan

the kit for it comes with both gasket

1 for the timming chain cover

and 1 for the oil pan black rubber one


here you can see everything out but the oil pan

Image Not Found

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