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fold in vent windows

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Find a cherokee donor in the junkyard that has them. From what I hear they were pretty leaky, so most people got rid of them. I just installed Cherokee (Wagoneer) front doors with them and mine don't leak yet, so I guess it would depend on if the seals look like they are any good or not. Good luck.

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I'm not sure, mine were on an 86 wagoneer, I just took the whole doors, as they were the same color, had the vents, power locks and power windows, and power mirrors. Mine are really the only ones Ive ever seen, but it is likely that you would find them on XJ's from 1984-1996....probably the earlier the more likey it would have them.

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It's not just the crappy seals. The pivot hole at the base likes to oval out. And even if the hole is good and the seal keeps out the rain, the thing can still whistle on the road. :fs1: I eventually had to seal up the drs side in my 88 with a bunch of silicone. :rant:

So be very VERY picky about which ones you buy. don't just grab the first ones because you're excited to see them. starting with a decent condition pair is your best bet to avoid headaches later.


and for what it's worth, I don't recommend them.

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