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re-opening locked doors.


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well gents.


time has come for me to slow down, take a breath, and get my arse back in school. who knows, maybe I'll learn that sometimes, keeping your opinion to yourself is the wise choice.



all came about today when I got told that our company vans will now have Aggiles gps tracking in them.


basic concept is that you clock in to aggiles when you get in the van, and clock out when you get out.


not necessarily a bad thing...BUT, I only make $12/hour @ my job, I'm almost never home, and all expenses out of town (including hotels) are out of pocket, reimbursed on the next paycheck.


In my position, I can't afford to do that. I can, however, afford to make a couple hundred less per week...as long as I don't have $400/week going out in expenses.


on top of all of that, I USED to get paid from when I left my house to when I got home. that's an hour transit each way. but, apparently the gps tracking ties to our expense reports, and the government says that a 45 min. commute to and from work is "normal"...and so I can't clock in for 45 min. of each hour each way. that puts me down $24/day, which WAS nice to have, because it settled me at a theoretical $15/hour.



SO. I put in my "3" weeks notice. I am going back to a job I've worked at since I was 15...lifeguard and WSI swim instructor. ironically, I have the patience for that...and the pay is $10 and $14 respectively.


that only lasts until labor day. Guess I'll have to find a decent full time 40 hour per week job that doesn't require me to travel out of state and is flexible with me taking night classes.



either way, it makes the $30k I have invested in school so far MUCH more valuable...and I will be extremely hireable either in the business field or teaching spanish (Spanish education major, 4 classes left to get that...going to get a minor in business most likely).





that's my "growed up" story of the week. Already feel ALOT less stressed, and I'm VERY excited :banana:



(sorry guys, seemed like "share week" this week ;) )

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Drive exactly the speed limit or slightly below to make a few more dollars for the last three weeks.


Maybe get lost once a week or so too.


They can track your speed and acceleration, so remember that too.


Schnieder truckers found you can also block its signal so they can disappear at times for a few minutes or hours as needed. They block the transmiter but I forget how.

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You have grown up, rite in front of our eyes, GOOD JOB MAN!! Yup, I agree, your thinking of your future and planning things out, another good job for you! :cheers:

Your first comment brings a saying to mind. Now, this has nothing specifically to do with you and its not a slight, just a saying. "Its better they think your an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Yea GPS is a way of the future, kinda a pain for the "man" to keep his thumb on you. We use a HVAC company that tracks its guys and trucks with such a system and they are always complaining about it. I don't know that I could work with it either. Guess it would depend on my immediate boss and the relationship with him. They could really bust your balzz if he/she didn't like you.


As for the job, its just that. There are and will be others, do what have to till you find something better. Then move, keep your 'feelers" out. Don't get stagnant in a dead end job and "settle" there for too long. Keep a positive attitude and balance kissing @$$ with saying no. But don't be defeatist and when you say no don't bet super rigid and have good solid reasons for the no. Like human safety or expensive equipment expenses. You will find some place that appreciates you and what you bring to the table.



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Since I have never really had a job that had retirement type benefits, I have never been hesitant to switch employers. I actually wrenched for the same dealership FIVE different times over 20 years, and they would take me back tomorrow if I walked in looking for a job. So I recommend not burning any bridges as you go through your employment life, but life is to short to be miserable for 8 or 10 hours a day just to make a buck. Good luck to ya.

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I thought this was about how to open a locked Comanche door. Guess what I got on the brain :nuts:


Anyhow, it seems like you pretty much figured things out, so all that's left to say is "good luck, hope everything works out the way you planned."

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