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DAMN! 87 MJ near Winchester VA

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I may have to take a ride and look at this over the weekend. 1 picture, but it sure looks nice. It's a Laredo. You can see the tag on the fender. Also notice the factory bed rails. Looks like probably a bench seat in there. With the tow mirrors, I'll assume has factory tow pkg. And, another reminder of how the turbine wheels probably are the nicest OEMs ever IMO. I'm calling tomorrow for price and mileage. :eek:


http://www.dealerslot.com/lotdetails.as ... 1&offset=0



*edit: may be a pioneer, can't see the badge clearly enough. I'm betting Laredo though. :brows:


Let's take guesses on the price. I'll start with $6995

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Sold it last Thursday. Guy said it was cherry. Old man owned, 170k on the engine but had all the receipts from rebuild @30k ago. No rust (he says), had been painted one time, maroon bench interior (he said the seat may have been recovered because it look like it had never been sat on), column shift. One of his own employees bought it. Wouldn't say what he sold it to his employee for, but said he had it listed at $6900.


Since the person who bought it works at the dealer, somebody near Winchester needs to go by and look at it.

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