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found a MJ

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So I found a MJ for 500 bucks here in Kodiak :banana: , a week before I leave the island, I haven't looked at it yet. The guy says it's an 88, I6, 2wd, standard tranny. I asked him about rust and he said yes in all the wrong places :doh: , I'm going to look tomorrow evening. From what I've heard the bed and back of the cab are the things I need in good condition, everything else I can steal off a donor XJ correct? He just replaced the rear axle, but with what I'm not sure, he did say "it has a tight posi rear" so whatever that means :nuts: . I can't believe I found one for so little, but of course the body could cost me in the end. So, what do you guys think should I get it as long as it's not a complete rust bucket, or should I just wait for the lower 48 were I have ebay and craigslist, etc....? I"ve worked on cars before but this will be my first off road rig. I've never welded before :dunce: so I'm not completely satisfied with a rust and wheels truck, but I'm ready to jump into a manche.....

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Save your coin. You say you're building an offroad rig, and starting with a 2wd platform. The money you're going to dump into a 4wd swap, you could have bought a 4wd MJ.


You can get a pretty decent 4wd MJ for under a grand

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