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Driveshaft Donors ?

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My conversion is almost done, the only thing stopping me is a rear driveshaft, I have come to the conclusion that an original Comanche one is going to elude me so am looking for donors that may come close. The wreckers are all closed up here until tuesday, but it would be nice to know what vehicle i should be looking for as donors.


current config is 88 LWB, AW4,NP242, D44 so according to the DS length sticky I should be looking for something between 47.5" and 48.25


Barring that, is it possible to have the stock 2WD DS cut down to fit ? I have the one with the rubber sandwiched between the tubes and am not sure if it's like that the entire length

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Driveshaft is at the Machine shop, looks like its going to be about $60.00 to have it shortened, definately worth it as opposed to the aggravation of running around a wrecker trying to find one the right length.

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