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Turn signal wire diagram

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Hello all,


I am having an issue with my left turn signal... When i put the turn signal on it doesn't blink... When i have the lights on and turn it on the left blinker light is just lite up and the front turn signal turns off and the back turn signal is just on(no blinking)... the front turn signal, when on (lights off) is very dim.... I turned on the flashers and they all blink, but the front left is still dimmer then the others... :hmm:


I have seen other topics about this same issue, but never saw any resolution.... :fs1:


I have the Chilton book... looked through it, but can't find any blinker wire diagrams... does any one know where i can get that? Or if you can offer any advise, that would be awesome!


Another thing is, before the left blinker started to do this... the blinker was working, but no blinking as fast as the right blinker.


truck info is in the signature


thanks in advance

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I actually started troubleshooting similar problems with my MJ today.


I believe one of my lights might be loose. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.


Of course, while trying to troubleshoot I discovered that one of the screwheads on my left taillight is completely stripped out, and another screw is missing. The rest of the screws are starting to get pretty rusted. So I'm going to go find some new screws, replace all the screws on my taillights, then start troubleshooting the turn signal issue.


I'll take some pics while I'm working on it, and post what I figure out.


One of the first places I'm going to start troubleshooting is swap bulbs. Since the one turn signal is working, and the other isn't, I'll swap bulbs in the back, then the front, and see if it could be anything to do with the bulbs.

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so i did some testing and found that the front left blinker pigtail was bad... So i replaced it and i turned my blinker on and is now working :banana: , but then i turned the lights on with the blinker.... now it just stays on....no blinking :grrrr: Then I turned on the the 4-ways... the back flashers blink simultaneously and the front flashers blink offset. :doh: Has anyone had this issue?

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