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source for a good fuel pump

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i just had my 3rd bosch fuel pump fail in 3 years yesterday.i called mopar and they said the pump was discontinued and showed none in inventory anywhere.i replaced the gas tank about 5-6 years ago and i relace the fuel filter every 2 years.the federated store will warranty my pump again but frankly i'm tired of replacing it.has anybody had good luck out of another brand(i already know carters are junk)or replaced the bosch style with a walboro style?

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i broke down and bought an airtex pump friday.my truck hasn't started this good in 3 years.it definitly feels like it pulls better.it used to struggle going uphill or first thing in the morning.that's all gone now.it's been like this ever since my mopar pump died and i started using the carter brand.i am going to go ahead and replace the ballast resistor since it is original but i think i'm okay now.

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