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My 88 MJ project

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Hey everyone,been a member here for a short time,but havent done much posting. So I figured I would post up my project. I got this as payment for swappin transfer cases in my friends GC. It's an 88 2wd,2.5,4spd...for now.

Image Not Found

Just finished the cylinder head install. Now I have to drain all the old fuel out and flush it. Then it will be driveable.

This is my friends Comanche USA Olympic edition(?)

Image Not Found

I also have been working on it. Converted the front axle to non-disco,swapped in a 242 transfer case,and trying to talk him into the WJ knuckle swap and an 8.8.

Let me know what ya think!?


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Well, it's on the road. Got it smogged and registered today! I had the head rebuilt,new injector,fuel pump sock. Purrs like a sewing machine now! Plans are to convert it to 4x4,just need to know what trans will bolt up to the 2.5. I want to stay with the manual trans for ease of install. Then I will put in a FORD 8.8 disc brake rear axle w/4.11's and build a D30 to match. I LOVE this truck.

BTW, the interior is dark blue.

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