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Broke Rear Bumper Bolts What to do now to Install new JCR

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I went the to powder coaters today and picked up my JCR Offroad Rear Bumper. Damn does it look good!!


I've been soaking my bumper bolts for 2 weeks with PB and Liquid Wrench. I did not get a single fu(king bolt out. I broke all of them.


So now what? Drill and Tap? What is the threads for tap??


Or should I get JCR to make me a set of NUT CERT Strips to go inside the rails that line up with the 4 horizontal holes and the 2 verticle holes and use that instead?? Then I could just chisle off the old nuts welded to the frame and use the new nut certs with regular grade 8 bolts?



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Your a better man than I am. I was only able to twist 5 off. The sixth came out. I would chisel, torch the old nuts off and make the nut certs instead. The trouble of drilling and removing the the stubs is just not worth it.

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There is straight torch tips, However the way I got mine out was to heat the bolt from the twisted off side and burn them out. With a small tip and steady hand you can burn the bolt out and not hurt the nut. After burning the bolt out wait for it to cool. See what kind off a mess is left. If it's bad run a drill bit thru it. if not then use a tap and clean the threads up. Go easy, don't rush it. Slag is harder than regular steel and you can break the tap off. I salvaged 4 nuts this way. The fifth was shot so I just burned it off and used a fender washer and nut to replace it.

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