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Ok.. I know 97-01 doors will git an 84-96 XJ/MJ. You just gotta switch out the striker bolt. But what I need to know is will the INSIDE PANEL on a 84-96 match up to a 97-01 OUTER SHELL. The guy I was going to get a complete door from flaked and all i got was the outer shells and windows. I know already I will need to acquire some rubber mouldings from a salvage yard. but the window crank, door latch, these are all things I need to know if they can match up. wouldn't they be the same as a non-power late model XJ? or did these just not exist.

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No, the early door panels won't fit the late model doors.


The window regulators are also different between the two. Not sure though if the early ones can be made to work on the later doors.


Yes, there were late model XJs with manual windows. I have them on my MJ.

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I used front door manual regulators off a 4dr XJ. The year escapes me, but I think as long as it's a model that has the vents you'll be ok. Finding an XJ with manual regulators isn't that easy since most of them have power windows. I found them on eBay for $20.00 each and bought them based on the picture since the seller didn't say what they were for. I did one of the online parts searches and the only reply I got was $70.00 + 20 shipping...I passed. In hind sight that was a bargain compared to what I paid for window wipes. What color door panels are you hoping for? I may have a pair of light gray, but I can't remember what shape they're in and my parts truck is 50 miles away. I can check the next time I go there which is every 2 or 3 weeks.


I just re-read are you looking for parts for a later model door? Sorry, can't help there.



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