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Another trans question

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So i dropped my ba10 last nite and am gonna put the the ax15 in today (hopefully). Old trans is '88 ba10 and the ax15 is a 89-91 but i think its a 89 or 90 cause the pilot bushing is the same. My question is what sensors need to be swapped or changed or what can i reuse? There is a sensor and a wire hanging on the pass side of ax15 but not one on the ba10. Is that for my reverse lights. And on the drivers side of the ba10 there is a sensor with 2 little prongs. And finally the CPS looks to be the same. Can i just put my old in the ax15? Please help :dunno:

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I used the same CPS. The plug on the B/A (2-pronger) is the Reverse lights...the plug on the passenger side of the AX-15 is the reverse lights as well. You have 2 options, splice them together or go a plug from the boneyard. My truck is an 89 and my donor was a 90 XJ, so I just swapped the plug where it connects to the wiring harness from the tranny...plugged right in!!


Clear as mud?? Good Luck jamminz.gif

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Thanks! Looks like i will try and splice cause i don't have any good boneyards around that would have a reverse light switch and i don't have the keesh for a new one.


Couple more for ya:


1. If i drain it, what is recommended i put back in?


2. How in the heck do i put the shifter back on? I mean the little cup with the notch that twists into place, how do i turn it

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