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Went for a trail ride today


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here's some nice pics of my manche on some trails nearby, was alotta fun had a bbq and hungout with some fellow Jeepers 8)




Like my mascot? :brows: :nuts:



Everythings shiny :eek:



Was alot of fun just cruising and occasionally going thru some mudddd and such :banana:

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I live in the suburbs too, me n a few other people have been building bmx trails in this untouched area of woods and its very quiet and nobody bothers us about it. 2 of my riding buddies have a pretty cool samurai and the other has a sick lifted XJ and we brought our girlfriends and other friends, it was a great day off from school :yes:

here's what we do on the trails jamminz.gif :brows:


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Those outlaw rims are awesome - IMHO you couldn't find a better looking rim for a MJ :cheers:

Thanks :cheers: In that pic they look amazing but in person they look like crud.. I must of spent 3 hours with steel wool and some compound and they looked the same!

Ive been looking into Cragar soft 8s and want them more and more everytime I see them, Those with some Baja claws would top off the blue and black theme very nicely imo... and with new paint and my trimmed fenders :thumbsup: 8)

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