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BA/10 5 spd fill/drain points?

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There are a couple of plugs on the passengers side of the trans, about halfway up the case. One drain, one fill IIRC. Been awhile. The thing I do remember, is the size of the square in the plug. Looks like a standard socket drive, but its kinda inbetween. I had to grind down a big bolt until it fit in, and now I always have a tool for them.


Rob L.

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:headpop: Yet another reason why the Peugeot trans SUX


On the 2wd BA/10 (don't know about the 4x4 version) the drain is at the back of the case below the tailcone.


I had to grind down a piece of square stock to make a tool for the plugs. I could never get the fill plug free (kept bending deflecting the steel stock). I was able to fill the trans by unbolting the shifter in the cab...

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I just looked real quick for pictures too........nothing came up :hmm:


If you found the fill plug on the passenger side, the drain plug looks the same, on the rear, bottom of the tranny, facing towards the back.


As noted.......make sure the fill plug will come out first, before attempting to remove the drain plug.


I too took an odd 3/8" extension, and ground that down, but......you can now buy a kit if you want at harbor fright with square metric internal sockets.


You need a suction gun to fill the tranny, with 5.2 pints for 2wd OR 4.9 pints for 4wd, with what every your putting in there. Or....you can fill it from the shifter......if you want to take that all apart.

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Guess what. Most places that do the oil changes won't touch it because they don't have the tool.


Took mine to valvoline, penzoil, some others, and they all scratched their heads.



allen wrench just grind it a little bit to fit

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