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WTB Urgent: LWB Gas tank + sending unit


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Yea, I seen your other post on Tech.


Your best bet is a new tank, and this place seam like the best deal -


http://raybuck.com/i-66712-gas-tank-86- ... t-bed.html


I see there price went up :eek: ......call them see if you can get the "old" price of $119.


They also carry the straps if you need.


Also there is a post on e-bay tanks.


The problem is shipping a used tank, that's a 'can-not-do' :(


Sending units :dunno:


I have a couple, but I want to do my projects first, then I'll see what I have left, but that don't help you :(


You'll be looking for the short arm sender for a LWB, the long arm sender is for the SWB.


Or go thru these guys - http://www.fuelsender.com/fuel_send.html

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