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Hard Start/No start

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ok, my 89 is starting hard. It will rarely ever start in the first key turn. sometime starting fluid is needed. Its got a medium miss in it, I'm doing plugs and wires and the o2 sensor on monday.


Now the thing is, this truck has run very little over the past few months. Would that have anything to do with it? It sat for 6 months before I bought it, someitmes when it idles down, it'll die. What should I check, replace, ect?

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she stays running now, I went and soaked the TB in cleaner and raped it with a toothbrush. cleaner than new! idles like its fresh off the showroom floor.


still a sumbitch to start, but I think the fact I'm running it more often is helping. yeah, fresh gas, I think. Ive been topping it off as it gets low, so it may still be running the old gas, I'm going to load it with a gallon or two of fresh 87octane tomorrow

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