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Bonnevile Salt flats, Aug 13-18

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Speed week at Bonneville is Aug 12-20, We plan to arrive with the Comanche on Friday the 13 ( that doesn't sound good). Racing starts at noon on the 14th. We will be running this year. See Pete M's posting on what happened last year. But if you are on the west coast or in Neveda, Utah, Idaho or Colorado I would recomend you come out for at least a day to see what it is all about. If you have never been to a land speed race, you don' know what you are missing. it is nothing like you have seen before.


(dry) camping is available for free. The hotels are totally booked, so if you pan to stay overnight you will have to camp. This year I will be camping with my wife and son, so if a few other Comaches show up we can set up our own area.

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or you can hitchhike in for free. :D not having a car sucks though. :( the pit area is miles from the start area, which is miles from the camping area. though if you stick that thumb out, it only takes a couple minutes before someone will help you out with a ride. :cheers:


plan on it being insanely sunny and warm. the sunshine hits you from above and from below. In fact, most of the light comes from the reflection off the salt. if it turns out to be cloudy, that's a bonus. :D


bring LOTS of water and sunscreen.

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