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Brake Lines

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Ok one ruptured brake line along the rail. I'm going to go ahead and replace them all, cause I just know I replace one the next one is going to go right behind it.


What parts do I need?

Length of Lines / width / all the fun stuff :cheers:


86 2.8L 4WD D30 / D35 Still stock but going to 3" Lift in a couple of months.


Have a friend that knows what he is doing to help me, just would like to have everything sitting in the garage ready to go when he has time.

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Hey Yeti!


Good to see you on here. Nothing positive to add, I looked all over for pre bent lines. I'm gonna have MVC bend me new ones when they pull the truck apart.

Dan offered to come out one weekend and help me with them. Going to feed him food and drinks. Just wanted to know what parts to get prior to it.

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Depends on how you go about it. I redid the 88 using all pre-flared lines and piecing it all together (but I was installing Ford axles). On the 90 I bought bulk line, reused the nuts, and made my own flares (installing a late model booster at the same time and this was mucho easier than trying to find a whole bunch of standard-to-metric adapters).

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All the hard brake lines are 3/16", this you can buy in bulk, 25 foot rolls.


All the nuts are 3/8" X 3/16" hollow nuts (shorts) these you can buy 10 in a pack.


For the soft lines, those you can get from a parts store. The rear soft line, you might want to up grade to a early Dakota line for the longer length if you plan on an lift.


Also, double flair all the hard lines :yes:


If you have the load equalizer in place and functioning, you need to replace that 2nd hard line, or like most of us have done, deleted it, and run a single line to the rear, and block off the lower front port on the disputation valve. There are some write-ups on this in the DIY section.

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