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PROJECT : Sweet leaf

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Well over the last 2 weeks i've concentrated on my truck , after reading the Onyx project again for the 4 or 5th time i purchased a 1997 xj , loaded except leather on the road drove it home , 4.0l , auto o/d , 5.5" lift rough contry shocks , ranchos on the rear , tranfer case drop , Center line 5x9" rims , bushwacker fender flares , 33x12.5x15 tires , Sony sound system , cold air intake , locked myself I'm the shop the past weekend done a 8 til 8ish Saturday , 8 til 10:30ish sunday , took out all the ol dana 30 & 35 gear and installed the xj dana 30 and 8.25 , with all new poly bushings and rancho shimmy shock , had to adjust all the drive line angels . In the end i ended up taking 3ish" out of the front and maybe an inch or two from the rear , took it for a drive comanche.gif without the aligment and its the best thing i've ever done to a truck it hadles better than the car i sold to purchase the xj :rotfl2: . Next project header , front bumper , running lights .

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