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psc vs. agr

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i ordered an agr box for the gf's 95 zj and needless to say it was wrong.it had only 3 master splines instead of 4 like the original box and wouldn't fit.i sent it back and got a psc box since supposedly psc is operated by the original founder of agr.it was about $90 cheaper as well.i've been waiting several days for them to ship the box out,don't know what the holdup is.has anyone used psc and what were the results.i used to think agr was good but i've made 3 purchases from them(pump for my 88 mustang,leaked like hell even without running and i resealed it with an o-ring kit and alls good now,steering box for 78 camaro and everything is okay and the fiasco with gf's jeep steering box).has anyone used psc and what were your results.thanks

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I have known two people who bought AGR boxes, several years ago, and they were both massively unhappy with them. One arrived with the over-center and end nut screws grossly out of adjustment. The box was so tight that it was almost impossible to turn -- after connecting the power hoses. The other wandered all over the road after installation.


I think AGR is horribly over-priced junk, but that's not first-hand. After the reports, I would never consider buying one. I have Borgeson just a few miles up the road, if I wanted a custom steering box I would go right to them.

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I got a "defective" AGR pump for free.


put it in my wheeler. steering is now sloppy, but I need to adjust a few things in the box.



I'm confident that the box is just fine and simply needs adjustment. That said, I would NEVER buy one. that's probably because I'm a cheap@$$, though.

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