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97 Front Axle In an MJ

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After a Axle U Joint change fiasco, i am currently left with a 2wd MJ, and I have recently acquired a free Dana 30 front end. Now this is from what I've been told was around a 87 model, definitely not from a TJ and has U joints on the axle shafts so couldnt be from a ZJ? Its non disco, and 3.55 geared, which also entices me since my MJ is currently a 3.07 Gear, and I have a 3.55 geared XJ dana 44 sitting in my backyard that needs perches and is ready to bolt in. So this week I was planning on doing the front end swap, I will be reusing my current spindles as I am broke and the brakes currently on my MJ have less than 200 miles on them.


Anyway to the question, does anyone see any issues that might arise, or for any reason would this not bolt in?

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I'm confused... 87, or 97?


If it's a 97, and a High Pinion axle, it's from an XJ. If it's Low Pinion, it could be either a TJ or ZJ axle. Either way, they'll all bolt in. You'll need to use the brakes that are on that axle though.


If it's an 87 axle... it's obviously not a TJ or ZJ, as they didn't exist in 87. A non-CAD from 87 would have to be from a Selec-trac XJ.

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Well I did it, it all fit in fine.... However my hubs are shot, and have enough play to where the rotor spreads the pads... and I have no front brakes... :mad:


I started working on it at 2 p.m. yesterday and finished at 2 a.m. all in all the front axle removal was a piece of cake, nothing seized or broken. Swapping the spindles was a pain, had to replace two ball joints while I was at it (was too broke for the others, but those were the bad ones) I ended up reusing all the steering linkages that were on the MJ, and we really only encountered minor hiccups during the swap (non working front brakes aside)


Now anyway I have a non-disco axle with gearing to match the D44 I'm putting in the rear soon. Also I added some 1.5 in spacers in the front to help level out the extreme rake I had from the lift shackles... After I get rid of these hubs I think ill be happy with the result

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