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I have a Comanche again

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I picked this 89 up for $225





It is a 2WD, 2.5, 5speed. As you see, no rust on the bed side. Both sides look this good. Bad news is need floors and someone put a lowering kit on it. :fs1: Will be going back to stock height very soon and fitted with steel D-ring rims and 31 AT'S.

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How (and how much) was it lowered front and rear? :brows: Are you going to sell the front air dam? :brows:


It's beautiful just as is, I would have bought it too! Hell, I'd almost trade you my Cherokee for that thing! Almost, but I need the room of the XJ.

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kind of looks like one of those street comanches (link to automan's website). Even tho its more likely an add on body kit, lowering springs, etc., you may want to get one of the chrysler/jeep guys on the forum to run the vin and see. I'm not a big fan of the style either, but if i ever came across one of the 100 street comanches and bought it, i'd leave it as is/restore it just because of how rare they were.


either way its a nice find, especially considering the price. Good luck with the build.

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