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Doors and Blasted TORX!

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just put 96 doors on and drivers hinge was tweaked and had somewhat of a gap in it so i welded it up and installed door ,man those torx suck!but got them out of old doors and new on .aligned doors numerouse times and finally got doors to lighn up right but drivers door that i welded hinge here and there is tweaked so that door has to slam somewhat so can i put heat and tweak it up? :doh: because i no that its alighned propper just seems to be the hinge tweaked thanks guys for your constant help much appreciated!

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I know when I did this, the torx sockets with the ratchet was too big to fit in there for me. I ended up using the torx socket with a box end wrench slid over it.

At the time, I was thinking that the best way to do it, which would also be the most work, would be pull the front fender off so you could close the door and then tighten down the torx from the front. I didn't want to go through the trouble seeing how I just did the 97+ swap and to pull that fender would mean taking the header apart on that side and hoping that I didn't have to take it completely off.



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