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More Electrical Issues

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Can someone enlighten me as to what this connector goes to? It is located behind the

driver's side kick panel. I'm swapping out the dashboard harness and fuse block from

an XJ, and after getting the harness all nice and neatly attached to the dash, I find

that there is no female end on the XJ harness for this connector. :doh:

Image Not Found

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:dunno: I'm an old phart. Still trying to figure out where the film goes.

I did stumble across a wonderful implement called "search" this afternoon, and

found a write-up by mfpdm that was exactly what I was looking for. I should

be able to take the information gleaned from that write-up and make things work.




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There should be a button on the camera that turns on the "macro" (commonly accompanied by a little image of a flower), which essentially means: focus on stuff that's close to the camera. Why they can't just say "close up" is beyond me. :dunno:


My little Canon has one step further called the "magnifying glass" setting and will focus on things right up the the camera lens. :D

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That's the afterbody connector for the fuel pump and tail lights. If you swapped in a XJ harness you will need to spice both of the afterbody connectors into the XJ dash harness. Here is a write up in the DIY section that will help you out.


http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopi ... =9&t=19695




A most excellent writeup, and the photos were priceless. Everything is back together now,

and everything works but the clock. I can live with that. Many thanks mfpdm!!

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