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Stupid question.....


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When I was working in Australia the site was 60 Kilo's from the main road where the mail box was. The postal delivery drove a Ute RHD. His personnal vehicle. When I was in England the only postal vans I saw were mini coopers. RHD. Post office issue. I'm sure there were others but those are the only ones I recall. Really don't recall what they drove in Japan. Was to busy chasing,,er,,, checking out museums. Altho I'm sure they were RHD.

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In England, Japan, or Australia do they have left hand drive Jeeps as mail cars? Just wondering.



Now that was not a stupid question :roll:


Interesting thought though :hmm:


So, in RHD country's, there always scouting out for LHD vehicles, where we take it for granted :D


Could you have come up with the solution that Toyota needs :idea:


There putting the gas pedal on the wrong side and the floor mats are making it stick :doh:



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