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Cross box in my MJ


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I've had this box for a while, and finally decided to cram it (literally) into my MJ. It took some "persuasion" but it looks nice IMO.

here's the side shot. It sits down in the bed, no wings to go over the side.

Back, like I said no clearance at all, had to push and wiggle it in there.

Here are the blocks I had to make for it to work. I had to measure and cut 2X4's to compensate for the hump caused by the fuel hose. it was no problem though just a tape measure, a pencil, a chain saw, and a band saw. Oh and a nail gun.

And last but not least i added my decal not too long ago :chillin:

I lost my camera and couldnt take "in progress" pictures but any questions are welcome :D

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like i said i literally had to jam it in there. it takes a ton of effort to pull it out (i had to pull out after i made sure it "fit") it has no problem with moving :D after i installed it i took some curves hard and stuff and jumped some railroad tracks ;) its not going anywhere :thumbsup: thanks for the compliments too :D the box is more than a necesesity ive already used it a ton

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