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Turn signals don't work but flashers do

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My turn signals on my '88 pioneer no longer function properly. I'm not even sure when the last time it wad that they worked. The right blinker does work but blinks really slowly. The left blinker just remains on and never blinks. The hazards function as they should.


I've read a couple threads and this seems to be a common problem so I took some advice from them and here is what I've done:


new ford bulb sockets on both front turn signals

replaced flasher relay box

cleaned ground connection on inner drivers fender


still am not getting anything close to functioning signals. Any more tips?

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Had the same problem recently on my boss's comanche, the 4 way flasher and TS flasher are seperate, swap them and see if it make the TS work if so, youre all set... get a new flasher, I think theyre 2 prong. You may still have socket problems, but this way at least youll know if you can get the TS to work.

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they are both the same size, but not necessarily yellow. might even be bare aluminum. IIRC, one of them is tucked up near the top of the panel.


Thanks Pete! I just took a look at a fuse block diagram for the '88 XJ and I see where it's at. I'll try swapping it out with a couple spares I have lying around. Thanks again!

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Two other common problems (with turn signals) that I had were:


1) Corrosion at the connector between the engine bay harness and the front light harness.


2) Turn signal cam in the column was bad (Autozone sells the replacement in the 'Help!' section of the store - 2 cams for $9.00)


Good luck!

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