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We're Goin' To Vegas Baby!


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I haven't mentioned anything about what my automotive class has been doing, but dammit it's great.

We have been practicing for a competition called Hot Rodders of Tomorrow.

Last Sunday we went up to Nashville for the division two competition, and boy did they know who East Ridge was when we were done up there.

We are now Division 2 Champions and SEMA BOUND WOOH!!!!! ( That's where the nationals are! )... and it's paid for!

Basically what it is, there are 5 people on the team, I am an alternate now instead of the PR guy. ( I missed too much practice while my mom was in the hospital, but I still wanted to be involved so that was the only way. ) Anyways though m you start out with a complete small block Chevrolet 350, tear it down to crank and cam, and assemble it ( torqued correctly, in time, and valves adjusted properly. ) as quickly as possible.

We smoked the competition and opened some eyes up there. We ended up doing it in 37.23 with 5 minutes of penalties, dropped lifter Sad.

I can't imagine what they would have done if we had pulled a 27 minute run like we did when the city council was at our school.

Anyways, I was just letting you guys know what was up!



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