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ahh... i missed her...


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so i drove my MJ for the first time in probably a month (shes been my wifes while i work out the kinks in our new freebee van ['88 chevy G20-pretty awesome]) and holy cow, i forgot how much i missed her.... the sound, the smell, the feel..... :bowdown: its the best thing in the world.....{granted, i need new springs, shocks, ant tires all tha way around, but thats whay tax checks are for, right}


anywho just thought i would shoot up a quickie, reminding you all how much i love my truck..... :clapping:

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I think I almost started to tear up reading this and thinking of mine...


Under surgery for over two years now!!! I have to admit, even without it being road legal, anytime I need to move it out of my shop I just have to tear it around the block atleast once! Open exhaust, no header panel, no tail lights...


It's like having a conversation with an old friend, isn't it?

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