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Crazy lights making me crazy!!

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Another wiring thread.


The PO of my MJ did a fine job at ripping the dash wiring to shreds. He also severed a perfectly fine trailer wiring set up. The fuse block looks good and dry but it looks like a tab or two might be slightly corroded

So my problem(s).

The headlights work fine - hi and lo beam.

Most of the dash lights work, but weak (headlight switch?)

The tail lights (running lights, brake lights) work fine.

The front blinkers do not work, the corners work, parking lights, no, but nothing blinks up front. (headlight switch?)

The rear blinkers, arrgh, both blinkers AND the reverse lights blink at the same time.

The flashers work fine, by themselves OK

No interior lights (door switches look suspect) (headlight switch rheostat??)


Any BRIGHT ideas?? :idea:

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Well, I did put in a 3rd brake light. It's from the back of an XJ, I spliced it in to the brake line for the trailer wiring right at the harness. All the brake lights work as they should. The 3rd light does not come on with running lights, blinkers or flashers, just when I hit the brake.


The performance of the other lights did not change at all when I put in the 3rd light.


Thanks for the link but it didn't really answer any of my stuff. My trailer lighting works great, now. The PO had just hacked it off, it all tested fine at the point of hack, so I just spliced and extended the wires to the plug.

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i just went through the same thing yesterday...wierd :nuts:

my front blinker was just broke and it was the plug itself

as of your lights going on at the same time, just do what i finally ended up doing yesterday.....

take off both rear lights....

unhook the trailer plug till later

make sure there are no crazy splices anywhere..if there are, fix them

chech all the wires for corrosion or breaks

wire everything back how it was supposed to be.from stock..theres schematics here on this forum if u need them

get everything working good, then put in your trailer lights...

the reason your stuffs dim is cuz your stealing power from it somewhere, and thats a no no

ya, headlight plug..your prob right..just put a new one in for a piece of mind if anything..i replaced mine yesterday too.

the reverse lights should not be connected to the blinkers

you need to get in there and replace and fix

good luck!

hope i at least helped a little :thumbsup:

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