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More Electrical Issues

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After much investigation and testing on my electrical problems, I have come

to the unhappy conclusion that my fuse block is not realistically salvageable.

I have one in my parts Cherokee that is nearly pristine. My question is...

I know there is no easy way to perform this transplant, but what is the least

painful way to accomplish this? I know some of you guys on here have done

this before. May I impose upon you for your experienced guidance?

All help greatly appreciated.



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It's really not too complicated to swap in a XJ fuse panel/interior harness in place of the MJ's.


The only real problem you'll encounter is the whip to the rear, and with a little tracing and detective work, it will be solved ;)


Here's some reference topics for you to ponder -




And here's the one on the rear light that mfpdm put together -




What you'll want to check is if the engine bay side of the fuse block is still in good shape, if in dough, then the XJ's engine harness should be a direct replacement.


Oh, one question.........is the MJ and XJ still in the same era????? like '87 - '90 Renix era??

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