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njmanche 91 pioneer

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hey guys I'm new too the comanche club. about a month ago i bought a original owner 1991 comanche pioneer 4.0 5speed 4x4 with 180,00 on her for 600.00. has rot, need headlight and bumpers and alot of tlc. but i started workin on it and will get more picutres. this will be my dd. btw I'm 19 I'm doing all the work with some help by my dad.






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i will get some more pictures. i start working on it this is antidisestablishmentarianism is done so far


6.5 hybrid lift

spring over

dana 30 with 4.10s

8.8 locker 4.10s

33s on 15x10s

bucket seat swap

brass knuckle shift knob

thats some of the mod list but will post pictures and progress asap

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Wow, never thought i would see this truck again. I guess your the one who went an bought it before i could get my hands on it :fs2: :thumbsup: . Its a pretty nice truck, glad to see it on here. Once you get it done we'll have to hit some trails, i'm only about an hour from ya, can't wait to see more pics of this thing jamminz.gif

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yea i will get some pictures after work. yea i found the truck on craigslist and he never answered till like 2 weeks after and in the snow storm his friend backed into with a plow so i offered him 600 and he took it. i wish i took more pics during the process but didnt.


so far did lift, water pump, radiator,tstat,floor rot,header panel head light, interior swap to buckets and console.ect


left to do. shocks, bed rot, homemade bumpers and rock rails. other odds and ends...... once warm weather hit bedline interior and bed and repaint truck. BTW doin eveything myself ;)


def will hit the trails

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Welcome to the club - nice to see another NJ'er. I used to date a girl from Middletown.


Anyway - how do you expect me to buy another MJ if you guys keep snatching them up? Especially you, 88pioneer - you seem to go through MJs faster than I go through underwear :rotf:


Haha, you ain't kidding, you should have saw my front yard a few months back, i coulda opened my own junk yard :roll:

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