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'97 Ebay Mirrors

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I'd like to recommend this seller,


but they s*ck, and have been HORRIBLE to deal with so far. :wall:


After getting the wrong ones once, and email after email, I still don't have my mirrors from Jan 21st.

(see last post on pg1: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=21028 )


crap... :doh: Well, maybe I'll have better luck than you. We only have one pull a part and its rare that they get newer XJ stuff. This is the second set of mirrors I've bought. The first ones I paid $20 for and they were broken, so I'm really hoping these are right.

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The wrong ones they sent (00 WJ's) were 'OK' at best,

had a more 'plasticy' feeling than the stock mirrrors.


The reason they gave me for the hold up was that theur data base was wrong, and they DO NOT have any Power Heated 97-01 XJ mirrors.


It took 2+ weeks of waiting, 10, or 12 phone calls, and one wrong shipment for them to figure that out tho. :roll:


The worst part is they NEVER called me

They LIED with every phone call

Then, after chasing them for 2 weeks, they finally said "Oh, we don't have any of those'

(but they hadn't removed their auctions for them :roll: )




I am now waiting for a set from the same auction you linked (manual ones).


Then I'm gonna do the only lame thing I can for all the aggravation,

post some negative feedback, that will get buried under a ton of good feedback, and generally ignored.

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Mine shipped yesterday and should be here Tuesday. Fingers crossed that they're right.


I was told mine shipped last night too, but they haven't updated the UPS tracking (it says "Billing Information Received", just like it did for 2 weeks the last time)

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My GF just spoke to them on the phone AGAIN,

mine HAS NOT shipped yet.


I said I had a friend (you :waving: ) who ordered one 4 days after me, and theirs has already shipped.

They said "um um um our shipping department is really busy right now, so maybe they grabbed his order first, bla bla bla"


They then promised that it would be on the truck tonight AGAIN.


I've been daily driving my MJ since January + being blind in one eye = the stock mirrors aren't cutting it.


Which is why I ordered the power set on 1/21, and when they didn't have them, the non powered set on 2/11.



I would REALLY like it if this seller was driving distance from me right now.

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OK, sorry to ruin your thread with this, but here's my history with these people up till today:


1/21/10 Auction For Power Mirrors 'won', I immediately pay pal'd them the money

1/22/10 shipping label printed

1/28/10 GF called about the order, and was given tracking number (which said "label printed" on 1/22)

1/28/10 after speaking with us, the item was actually then shipped

2/2/10 I received the item


Of course the item was wrong, (for a WJ).

2/3/10 upon receiving a shipping label from them, I immediately sent the item back, so they could send me the correct ones

(they said upon my shipping confirmation they would ship the correct ones)

2/11/10 I was finally notified (after several more phone calls) that they did not have power/heated XJ mirrors, and my money was refunded.


2/11/10 I chose non-power mirrors instead

2/12/10 I paid for item (with credit card this time, instead of pay pal)

2/16/10 shipping label printed

2/19/10 still not shipped

2/19/10 original shipping label canceled, and I am now being promised it will go out today, 3 day shipping (instead of standard UPS).



My girlfriend has been the one to interact with this seller, and even with all the incompetence, has still been nothing but nice to them on the phone/emails,

so I have no idea why they've been complete d-bags up till this point.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've had the drivers side mirror on my Jeep for a week now, so here's my 'review' of them:



For the record, I think the seller of these is a D-b, but this is still my honest thoughts on the mirrors.



1) They are bigger than the originals (duh), but some of the benefit of that is lost on the drivers side if you still have doors with the wing windows.

the black upright (that separates the two pieces of glass) ends up directly in the middle of the mirror (so you are looking at 2/3rds of the mirror through the wing glass, and 1/3rd through the main pane).

not horrible, but I had not considered that.


2) These particular replacement mirrors are VERY lightweight.

My MJ idles pretty smoothly, but the drivers side replacement vibrates at idle, to the point where everything is slightly fuzzy. The stock (early style) mirror on the passengers side does not vibrate at all at idle.


3) These particular mirrors 'fold in' extremely easily, like push with 1 finger easy.

They DO NOT fold in from the wind as you drive, so it's not really a negative, or positive point to me, but worth noting. (the factory 97+ mirrors on my XJ & other MJ require about 10 times the force to fold them).

This might be a good thing on a trail truck, since any obstacle that hits them will easily fold them :dunno:


4) These are manual/non-heated mirrors, and they adjust as they should (by pushing the glass), and I have had no problems with them coming out of adjustment.



Overall, I would rate them as cheap replacements, probably perfect for a trail truck looking for an upgrade over the small 84-96 mirrors.


IMHO, tho,

there are enough used factory mirrors on Ebay, that for the same money,

used stock would be better than these new replacements.


(again, honest opinion, not based on crappyness of seller :D )

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