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junk yard trip


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keeping this simple gotta do alot of work before snow hits


went to junkyard yesterday

on the way there i see this


i wanted to show you dudes how many jeeps are here...only 1 comanche tho!


here's the yard...you can see where the jeeps start and they finish at the begaining of that trailer with the sign on it


the one comanche there has 80000 miles on it

4.o stick


the only thing is that liquid glass was poured in all these motors??? stupid huh...they were all from that cash 4 clunkers program

these jeeps will be gone in the end of june...getting crushed

here's the manche



and this is what i got for $32.00




this is going on my 92 :banana:


alot of stuff for 32 clams huh?

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