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High idle on a 92

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Took the snorkel off of the 92 yesterday, and put the cone filter onto the stock air tube. I started it, idled fine, ran fine. Came out a little later to start it to see if the rough starting was gone. Started fine, ran fine. Shut it off, went inside for a few minutes, came out and started it and it shot up to at least 3000 rpms instantly. It seems like the motor is getting too much air now, i'm not sure though. I'm gonna try disconnecting the battery and maybe it will reset the computer. :dunno: Any help will be really appreciated.

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Start with the IAC. It is prone to fouling. Disconnect the battery and remove the connector. You do not want any power going to it when you remove it from the throttle body. Once it is out clean it with throttle body cleaner or electrical parts cleaner. Then check and clean the recess in the throttle body. Post what you find.

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Yep...the IAC. When you shut the engine off it pre-positions the IAC for a igher idle on the next startup...read that in the jeep manual...generally around the 3K range. As soon as it starts up the IAC should move back into the low idle position...which I think is extended...I have watched it before with the intake off.

Mine was doing exactly what yours is..intermittent stuck at 3K idle....was a sticky IAC.


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