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rear triangulated 4 link w/ coils

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Would anyone be interested in a single triangulated 4 link using coils for their MJ's? I'm working with a company right now considering manuracturing a kit that would be weld on but designed specifically for the MJ starting with the shortbed. Price would be no more than $1200 and all you would have to supply is the coils and shocks. Just imagine, for not much more than a front long arm you could open a box and with a little welding, end up with a properly set up 4 link that wouldn't take forever to design and the math already be done. Is there any interest in this at all, or are the MJ destined to live on leafs forever?

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Would be interested but I guess there would be different kits for different heights. In theory, if the height is great enough then the tank may not be an issue. I am going to test that theory in a month or so.


Thanks for running with the idea. But I have noticed from the date of post that it has been a while. Any updates?

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