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Shock Removal

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I bought some new cheapo front shocks for my XJ today, and was going to install them. I ran into the same problem i had when i switched the ones on the MJ. The bottom bolts come off easy, but the nut for the top is always stuck to the stud on the shock. On the MJ i could just hold the dust cover part an keep it from spinning and they came right off, but the on the XJ the dust cover just spins. I was either thinking of clamping on a set of vice grips an wedging them into the wheel well an trying to get the nut off the top of the shock. Looking for anyone who has gone through this and what they did. Thanks :cheers:

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cut the shaft with an angle grinder and pull it out the top if possible. Youll be done in 5 minutes or less. If you can't pull a long shaft out the top then hold it with vise grips and undo the nut. If your trashing the shock it won't matter how bad you mess up the shaft trying to grip it.

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