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I just figured I should share this with anyone who cares. My PCV valve was constantly spewing oil all over the inside of my hood. The factory rubber piece that inserts into the PCV hole was missing, and the piece i found on an old chrystler engine behind my house that fit it was so old that it was to hard to go in it, so me and my dad got two long pieces of hose clamp and welded washers to the end of those, then we hooked that up to the PCV on one end and the valve cover and something else on the other end. I can't remember all the details but anyway I'll get some pics of the job we did. I fix things to make them work, not beautifull. ;) I'll probobly take a picture of the battery tie down i made too. I'll post that here I suppose. Any other home remedies? Any one else who has a welder or drill etc. and likes to fix things? Let us know.


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here's some more of my handy work. My battery wasn't tied down so it ran the risk of bouncing up to the hood and shorting out the whole truck. I made this with some rod and angle iron.


I also put a button switch on my hood light. It came on when the hood opened and I didn't like my battery to die every time I worked under my hood. This took all of 5 minutes and helped a ton.

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