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:agree: More often than not, it comes down to a vacuum issue with either the lines going into the HVAC unit itself, along the path of the dash to under the hood, or the vacuum canister itself. The canister is the little either football shaped or round ball located behind the passenger side of your front bumper. My best advice would be to check there first and report back.


Also, PLEASE use punctuation in your posts. Having everything into one large sentence makes the whole thing very indiscernible to know for sure what it is you're saying or asking.

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:agree: :agree:


To amplify a bit on the above -- the flappers in the dashboard that direct the airflow are controlled by vacuum. In the event of low (or no) vacuum, the default position is to direct the air to the defroster outlets on top of the dash. The most common cause is that the vacuum tubes disintegrate somewhere in the area of the battery tray, but a cracked vacuum reservoir (sometimes referred to as the "softball" or the "blimp" behind the front bumper would also result in low vacuum.

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