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couple of small questions....?

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Hey guys, got laid off so the company truck went away, so the comanche is back up on the road. its a 90 4.0 aw4, 231 pretty much stock. Here are the two things its doing that I would love to fix.

1. heater fan is noisy, most likely needs a drop of oil or two, is there a location to oil them, or do i need to drill a hole to get oil in the mechanism....?

2. sometimes she doesnt like to start. ie: cranks over fine catches then when the idle is coming down, she stalls, then cranks again, idle drops till she stalls, this will happen three to five times, then she will stay running fine after that. Just somewhat embarrassing at a gas station, or maybe future jobsite. Any ideas on that one... thanks in advance.. Shawn

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1) I am not aware of any oil port on the shaft (or anywhere else for that matter) on our blower motors. I suppose you could drill a hole in the bottom of the shaft race to put a drop of oil, but (1) You'd have to remove the motor/shaft to do so and, (2) I believe they are sealed units.


2) Sounds like a CPS going bad.

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I have a '89 2.5 that did that. Once it started it ran good.Trouble was it didn't always start.Checked everything, couldn't find anything wrong. Started driving it more often,It began starting more often. Been driving it for over a month now. No problem. It starts and runs like a champ, everytime. They just don't like being left sitting. Also when I first got it I cleaned the gas tank and replaced the fuel pump and both filters.Threw that in 'cause that's the second thing people would blame, the CPS being first.

There is no oil port on blower motors. sealed bearings. Gotta pull the motor, drip a little oil on the shaft, let it run down into the bearing, be good for another 500,000miles.

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