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Clutch questions

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I was working on connecting my resevoir line to my internal cylinder. I lost the god damn connection!! The brass double union.


I have a ba 10-5. Anybody know the size? My spare 3/16 didn't fit, so I went and bought a quarter inch but haven't tried it, can somebody save me a trip under the truck in the snow and tell me the correct size?


Oh and I guess I'm gonna need to bleed the damn thing, so can somebody please post up the correct method?

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If I remember right........the clutch lines are metric, not English sized, "French" tranny ya know :roll: So, your in the right country to find a new metric fitting :D


Bleeding the clutch is easy........just open the bleeder and let it gravity bleed. Keep the reservoir filled and you should have no problems........after a few minutes of fluid running out of the bleeder, you should be done.

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