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Help Renix issues?

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Ive checked every sensor and replaced with know good ones,Checked every ground,and still no luck.

Idles poor if at all,won't maintain rpm's with throttle pushed,over fueling I think?

Until 2 days ago it was running perfect,am I over looking anything?

won't have fuel pressure gauge until the am,but I have fuel pressure just don't know how much.


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It always goes back to something simple...Fuel pressure,rubber line from pump to pick up tube was sitting against the end of the pick up tube,getting fuel up top to rail but wasnt building pressure(9pounds) I had replaced the pump but the hose was a straight piece with the new pump i reused the curved hose..Looked good when I didit but on inspection when i pulled the pump back out the hose was swollen up....new fuel line in tank and I'm in business.

I learned alot about the Renix system and I'm kinda glad I did,not as leary about keeping it in the truck now.Was considering swapping it out in the future.

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