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new phone....


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just bought myself t-mobile my touch

I'm on comancheclub all the time on it....in the car....waiting rooms...its funny


my gf tells me its my "facebook" lol..... :typing:


anyway i just wanted to pass the word that t-mobile just cut their prices in half.....i guess they needed to do something......

my old bill was like 121 a month....unlimited text and calls

new bill is 59 same package jamminz.gif

its kind of nuts


anyway if you have tmobile and havent called them about this, do it now!!!

you can save $ to buy parts for your toys!!!

no, i don't work for tmobile either,,,,,,,landscaping remember???? :doh:


i figured i really don't know how i can help you guys out cuz you dudes know EVERYTHING there is to know about mjs, so here's my attempt to help someone out with something i know about

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not bad... i'm on at&t and i got myself a blackberry last year at xmas time cause they were running a hell of a deal on them..... and whilst at the store i found out i was eligible for a 30% discount cause of where i work.... so going to the unlimited blackberry plan from just a basic talk/text plan cost me less every month as well

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