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AX4 swap

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Aloha all,

Haven't been on in a while since I sold my 89 at the beginning of the year. Just got an 88' and I have a few questions for you.


The 88 has the 2.5/AX4 combo, can I swap in an AW4 behind the 2.5? The engine is solid and I don't plan on changing it, with gas prices in Hawaii it works out for me.


I've searched but can't seem to find a bell housing for the 2.5 to AW4, info from the web says it was offered from the factory. Can anyone confirm or disprove it?


I already have a 1996 AW4/231 with the AWshift box from Brett from my 89 conversion. So I have the parts if it'll work. If not the MJ stays a 2wd DD.




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A bellhousing doesn't weigh all that much. Shouldn't be too hard if you can find a junkyard over here that will separate the housing and torque converter (and whatever else is needed) from the rest of the trans and then ship it. Try car-part.com I see there's a place in Virginia selling the whole 2wd trans for $50. I'd give them the 50 and tell them to keep the trans. :D

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But the XJ 4-bangers didn't get the AW4 at all, and I don't know if the MJs all got it. When I asked the parts guy at my dealership about the bell housing, he didn't believe me that it might exist until he looked. This is a good parts man at a good Jeep dealer, where virtually all of the techs and parts guys drive some kind of Jeep. For Todd to never have heard of it suggests that it was a rather rare bird.


So ... this is why I wrote about good luck expecting a yard to know what tranny is behind a 4-cyl MJ. Most of them are going to be Chrysler 904/999s. If they say they have what you need, make sure they go back and triple check that the tranny is an AW4 before you give 'em your credit card info.

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