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MJ Exterior Color Question (Searched First)

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1987 4.0L 4x4 SWB 5-speed with bucket seats


After searching the site, I've determined the color of my MJ is Grenadine Metallic Clearcoat. The paint code is BD.


I'm planning to paint it back two-tone, like the picture at the bottom. If I am correct, Comanches did not come with this color combination, but I think Cherokees did - perhaps in later years.


Does anyone know what the gold color is called?






Image Not Found

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I think the silver gold color was titanium gold , I went to the local paint shop for a bike I was painting .

They matched the paint perfectly even w/ Honda racing colors . I also upgraded to PPG . paints .

Way better polish and durability . My paint hasn't faded yet even in our high UV soaked sunlight .

Everything w/ clearcoat is gone in a matter of 10 years around here . No rust just bad paint!!


Dave M.

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