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Hi guys and girls.


I have a bid in right now on a repod 97 Cherokee Sport 4.0 AX15 (maybe a dana 44 in the rear but I can't tell, look a little bigger than my manches 35). Its got some quirks. Minor (to me) body damage, a little rust here and there (hey its a Jeep thing right).


The big problem is it will start if jumped, but won't stay running if not revd over 1000 rpms constantly. The battery is kaput, factory 97 mopar with two big fuzz balls on the terminals, but I'm guessing the alternator is toast too since it won't stay running. Sound like I'm on the right track? It revd really strong with no hesitation or strange noises and did'nt seem to smoke or be leaking oil anywhere. Its got a 133k and I can tell was somewhat neglected. The oil is black, but not burned or smelly, little low on coolant, I can still see it in the rad and the resivor still has plenty. Its gonna get the general tuneup. But back to my original question, whats a good alternator to pick if indead it does need replaced. I've seen lots of high output ones and think that might be a good idea because I plan on adding a few more lights and maybe a winch. I've seen a pile on ebay anywhere from 120-170amps, all remans of course, but for the same price as an OEM output reman from the big chain starts, is this a viable choice. The only brand name I've seen so far are Denso's and Load Boss. Can I please have your two cents. Thanks

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1997 XJ's dident have D44's factory its probably a Chrysler 8 1/4 axle.


the not idleing thing reminds me of my dads Dakota. it did that for months before i found out that the IAC idle motor housing gets carboned up and it won't idle because the plunger get hung up on carbon deposits. If Caseys gas was ran in it i would have to clean it out every other month, changed gas stations and i don't even remember the last time i had to clean it.


If the problem is electrical i would get a Denso off a junkyard dodge ram of around the same year should be cheap and there higher amp

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