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rules for the Classifieds

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1 Name a price for your item if you're selling something. Guess on a price if you have to. This is to promote openness and to keep weasels from playing members against each other. If you're parting out a whole truck, you don't need to list every little thing, but you must list prices for the larger items.

2 State where in the world the item is. Put it in the title

3 When the item sells, put "SOLD!" in the title.

4 Zipcodes can go in the description if needed

5 Be nice to each other. :beerchug: (and that includes no publicly denouncing someone's price. If you want to inform them that their price is too high, please do it in a PM.)







1 Write a descriptive title.

2 Have lots of pictures (come on now, no whining. Everyone has a camera and Comanche Club will host them for free).

3 Take a decent picture. Prop the camera on something to steady it if indoors, keep the sun at your back if outdoors. Don't be afraid to get closer to the item so it fills the frame better.



4 It would be really nice if the buyer and seller could add a short post after the conclusion of the transaction telling others if it was good or bad.

5 It would also be nice if everyone added a post saying "PM sent" to the thread so as to reduce the chance that some one can swindle a higher price.

6 If there is ever a dispute, try to iron it out politely and have some patience (remember that not everyone on the planet has access to the internet every day). If there is still a problem, let me know in a PM.


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Please read the classified rules prior to posting your threads.


At a min. your thread title needs to have WTB or FS, Location, and a discription of what you are looking for or getting rid of.

EXAMPLE, WTB: GA: stock dome lights


Additionally there is a Craigslist thread. Please post anything you find on CL in that thread, do not post a new thread for a CL add.


Thanks for your help.

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