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Track bar bolt Torque?

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okay :thumbsup: good luck if it is oavled out tell us and ive got an idea on how to fix it

Simple fix if you weld or have a friend who does.


I have a friend who is a VW tech (actually shop foreman, I think). He had a bunch of VERY heavy pattern (thick) fender washers left from some suspension upgrade kit that VW sent out, and which apparently didn't require using all the bolts and washers. They were the correct diameter for the axle bolt on the MJ track bar (10mm IIRC). I drove over to his house, we took out the bolt, reinstalled with one of those heavy washers, and then he tack welded the washer to the axle bracket.



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I welded a washer on the ol' '91 when that started to happen. I know a rental store in McHenry where you can rent a 110 welder, but Jake, your probably best just finding a friend. I have every welder under the sun at work, but can only work on my vehicles, and immediate family.


Keep me posted if you can't find a welder, I think Pat has one at his house, and its not that far.

Rob L.

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Be glad it egged out on the axle end. I had the joint at the frame egg out on mine. No hope for saving that one. I just had to upgrade to the Rubicon Express setup then. Its solved EVERY problem I ever had with deathwobble. :brows:


http://www.rubiconexpress.com/Products/ ... art=RE1660

http://www.rubiconexpress.com/Products/ ... art=RE1665

http://www.rubiconexpress.com/Products/ ... art=RE1670


I always torque all my suspension stuff down to 80 ft-lbs, nice and easy number to remember.

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